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The majority of our instructors have trained with and have been licensed by Tony Buzan. In addition to running one day and half day Mind Mapping courses, Illumine run a range of other courses in the areas of creative thinking, learning techniques and overcoming information overload, many of which incorporate Mind Mapping. There is also a SCORM compliant Mind Mapping E-learning course available to run on your own LMS or be accessed via ours.

Illumine has worked closely with The Buzan Organisation throughout its existence. We are an independent training company and are committed to promoting Buzan’s work and ideals. We use many highly experienced Buzan licensed instructors as well as our own Illumine licensed Mind Mapping experts. Mind Map® and Mind Maps® are registered trademarks of The Buzan Organisation.

This site has been created by Illumine Training, the world’s leading provider of Mind Mapping training for business.

See Illumine’s 99 second video introduction to Mind Mapping – Mind Mapping 99

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At Illumine Training, we use both hand drawn and computerised Mind Maps® every day for note-taking, planning, presentations, brainstorming, generating ideas…

We find Mind Mapping software an invaluable tool and are delighted to provide a comprehensive list of Mind Map software in the software section of this site. An overview of each package together with links to more information and resellers is provided. Packages listed include: iMindMap® from Buzan, MindJet® MindManager®, MindGenius®, NovaMind – and many more.

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