Computerised Mind Maps®

At Illumine Training we use both hand drawn and computerised Mind Maps every day. We regard Mind Mapping software as an additional rather than a replacement tool.

Computerised Mind Maps have many of the benefits of hand drawn Mind Maps, and a few others as well. They are ideal for:

  • Remote group working
  • Rommunicating ideas
  • Work/time management (hyperlinks to other software packages are especially useful)
  • Presentations
  • On-going projects

Mind Mapping software is easy to use and can be formatted to produce very clear, easy to read Mind Maps, making it a very powerful communication tool. For full details of various Mind Mapping software packages or for a FREE trial, please click on the icon below to visit the Mind Mapping Software area of this site.

Mind Map® and Mind Maps® are registered trademarks of The Buzan Organisation

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