Tony Buzan

Tony BuzanBuzan is the name behind Mind Mapping. Since he wrote his first books in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Buzan’s name has been synonymous with Mind Mapping. There is no doubt that his books and lecture tours have popularised the technique to the extent that Mind Maps® are now used throughout the world for a wide variety of purposes.

Although it was Buzan who first used the term and set out his ‘Laws of Mind Mapping’, he himself was building on a lineage of using patterns, pictures, colour and association, that stretches back thousands of years. Those ideas are universal but in many cultures not all people were benefiting from them and when Buzan introduced the codified technique of Mind Mapping it struck a chord with many.

Buzan has written and co-written many books about the brain and how to use it more effectively. Most notable in this regard are ‘Use Your Head’, ‘Make the Most of Your Mind’ (currently out of print) and ‘The Mind Map Book’ – and whilst many of his books repeat the messages about how to Mind Map and how to use Mind Mapping, his tireless efforts to promote ‘Buzan’s Mind Mapping’ have led to millions of people using and benefiting from the technique throughout the world.

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