Guide to Learning App

Advice, ideas, practical tips and inspiration on how to learn and absorb information more effectively and more efficiently, on the go!


  • Mind Mapping - The complete mobile guide to Mind Mapping - whether you are getting started or just want a reference point.
  • Speed Reading - Read better, more efficiently and effectively with this mobile introduction to Speed Reading.
  • Memory - Hints and tips to help improve retention and recall.
  • Environment - Hints, tips and advice on the elements required to set up the most conducive environment for learning.
  • FIT for Learning - Hints, tips and advice on what can be done to improve the quality of performance at work.
  • Attitudes/Mindsets - Understand the factors that influence learning.


  • Brain fitness stuff, Mind Maps, hints, tips, links to newsletters, videos, articles, news and other stuff.

About Illumine

  • More about Illumine Training and what we do.

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Courses and workshops

  • A full listing of our courses and workshops - just like having one of our brochures in your smartphone!

Best of all - it's FREE and is now available for Android, iPhone and iPad users.

Blackberry? We're still working on it!

See what's included in our content plan Mind Map (click image for full screen):

Mind Map used to plan the Illumine Guide to Learning App

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