Novamind Mapping Software

Novamind subscription and videoMind Mapping is the simple process of putting your ideas in an attractive and interactive visual format. Whether you use it for to-do lists, planning, brainstorming, problem solving, or any other type of thinking, Mind Mapping is a great way to see the big picture and drill down to all of the important details.

NovaMind is another of the leading Mind Mapping packages.

Novamind Cloud is now available. Now you can subscribe and get NovaMind on all platforms

Novamind is released in English, French, Spanish, and German…

Go to the NovaMind website for special deals.  The site also has an extensive gallery of Mind Maps developed in a range of different styles to showcase the product and its many uses – business, learning and personal. There is also an active NovaMind forum.

For more examples of Mind Maps go to our extensive examples library.

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