Mind Mapping Training

How can individuals maximise their creativity, concentration and mental agility? How can ideas be progressed and information communicated? With mind mapping, training, courses and workshops.

In the past, linear notes were needed but communication risked being cluttered or misinterpreted. Mind Mapping removes these difficulties and allows rapid expansion and exploration of an idea resulting in a clear and concise picture or ‘map’ of all the relevant interlinked points for inclusion. The use of shapes, colours and dimensions as visual stimulants further add to this simple and powerful tool.

Developed by Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping is now widely recognised as the single most effective and versatile thinking and creativity tool and is used throughout the world. The courses available are:

Mind Mapping for Business

Designed to use the whole brain, Mind Mapping is a note taking/note making technique that enhances efficiency, effectiveness and creativity. This is a highly participative course, run by Illumine’s licensed instructors who have wide experience of using Buzan’s Mind Maps® as a practical business and learning tool in many different situations. (1 day)

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Fast Reading, Memory & Mapping

Learn how to learn effectively, efficiently and pleasurably with this rapid introduction to Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory techniques. None of us can afford to waste time, money and effort on ineffective learning. This course shows you how to get the most out of all three! (1 or 2 days)

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Introduction to Mind Mapping E-learning Course

Our award winning ‘Mind Mapping Mastery Webinar’ has evolved into this fully flexible, ‘learn when you want’ e-learning programme. The programme includes over 60 minutes of videos, explanations and exercises that will take you step by step towards a robust Mind Mapping technique. Use this programme to learn the technique or to reinforce the technique, whatever your level of expertise.

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Mind Mapping for Education

This in-house course for teachers and support personnel takes the essential elements of Buzan’s world renowned techniques and helps you to apply them in the classroom environment, making it easier for you to ensure your teaching is an effective and memorable experience.

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