Face-to-Face Mind Mapping Training

Illumine Training has been teaching people all over the world how to use Mind Maps® effectively since 1996. We are passionate about bringing the technique to as many people as possible. We have, over the years, developed a range of face-to-face training options that either teach people how to Mind Map or teach them how to Mind Map AND benefit from related subjects. Here are the options, with links to Illumine's main website where you can find out more:

Mind Mapping for Business - learn how to Mind Map well and benefit from the technique immediately. One day and half day options available. This course is run on an in-house basis and is also available as a public course.

Mind Mapping Masterclass - one of a series of 90 minute bite-size learning opportunities. Popular where the objective is to introduce the technique to a large number of people quickly.

Speed Reading, Memory & Mapping - a very popular course that combines Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory skills. Highly valuable for anyone who has significant volumes of information to absorb. This course is run on an in-house basis and is also available as a public course. Two day and one day versions are available.

Mind Mapping for Education - a course learning how to Mind Map, specifically designed for teachers, lecturers and other educators.

Mind Map® and Mind Maps® are registered trademarks of The Buzan Organisation

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