ideas for using mind maps

Using Mind Maps® Effectively

This section presents information on using Mind Maps in a variety of ways. It is not meant to represent an exhaustive record of the ways in which Mind Maps can be used. It is intended to provide some illustrations of the different ways of using them together with some practical tips which you may find useful. If you want to see examples of Mind Maps, The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan (BBC Books, ISBN 0-563-37101-3) provides additional ideas and examples.

This section contains explanations of the following:

What do you use Mind Maps for? Has drawing a Mind Map ever improved your presentation skills, made you considerably more organised or given you a ground breaking idea? Have you ever used a Mind Map for something unusual? Do you have any ideas for using Mind Maps, that you would like to share with others? Do you use them for group projects or for study? Whether it's to tell us you used the tool to develop a revolutionary invention or to organise your monthly budget - we want to hear your stories! And with your permission would like to include them in this section. Please e-mail them to us.

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