Mind Mapping Software Packages

Below you will find a comprehensive list of Mind Mapping software packages. Click on the Mind Map® software package you are interested in to go to a page that gives a brief overview of the product and links to other sites that provide more detailed information and purchasing facilities:

           Name               Comments               Manufacturer     

Tony Buzan's iMindMap is a Mind Mapping tool endorsed by Tony Buzan. Various versions for Business and Educational. Great features and many tutorial videos. Also many languages available. Integration with Microsoft® Office suite.

Think Buzan Online Ltd


Mindjet® is only available as a subscription and the name MindManager® has been dropped

click here for the new Mindjet®


MindGenius® Business, Education and Home versions available. MindGenius 6 released.
Gael Ltd
Lucidchart Personal, team and enterprise pricing. Can be used for Business and Education Lucid software Inc
Novamind Versions for Mac®, Windows®, Android, iPad versions. Novamind

iMindQ iMindQ (formerly known as DropMind®) is a desktop and online Mind Mapping tool.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP Windows® and Mac® versions - part of a suite of quality graphics products. CS Odessa

SmartDraw® Business graphics package incorporating Mind Maps® - not specialised Mind Map® software. Version 2012 available.

MindMeister MindMeister brings the concept of Mind Mapping to the web. Users can create, manage and share Mind Maps® online and access them anytime, anywhere. New languages available. MindMeister.com

MindVisualizer New version has been released. Innovation Gear

FreeMind Free basic Mind Mapping software written in Java™ Various


XMind is a professional Mind Mapping software with a brainstorming and visualization toolbox.

Mind Pad Basic Mind Map software. One version running on .net framework. AKS Labs

i2Brain™ Windows®, Linux and Mac® versions. John Boyd-Rainey

MindMapper Pro, Standard and Educational versions. SimTech Systems Inc

 Edraw Free Mind Mapping Software with an on-line tutorial.  Edraw Software

MindView Task Management Mind Mapping software including Gantt chart. Matchware

Visual Mind™ Mind Mapping Software from Norway. Mind Technologies

BrainMine™ Software also called 'Knowledge Mapping' software. Neural Matters™

iThoughts iThoughts for iPhone and iPad. iThoughts
OK OKmindmap is a free cross browsing Mind Map service.  OKmindmap
Instaviz Simple application for iPhone® or iPod® Touch. Instaviz

MindBerry MindBerry is a mind-mapping software for BlackBerry® smartphones. Glam Software

If you have a Mind Mapping software package that you would like to have included on this site please contact us.

Why have we provided this information about Mind Mapping software?

As the world's leading provider of Mind Mapping training for business, we are often asked which Mind Map (MindMap) software we recommend. We have made a detailed study of the various products on the market and have come to the view that the Mind Map/Visual Mapping software market has developed so rapidly in the last few years, that a site containing details of all of the major software packages, including; Mindjet MindManager, MindGenius, iMindMap (the offering from Tony Buzan himself), NovaMind... and many others - would be of real benefit. We believe that this site is the most comprehensive and independent Mind Mapping software source on the Web.

Each of these visual mapping or Mind Mapping packages have different features, although the major ones have many similarities. They can be an exceptionally useful way of capturing, organising and communicating information and ideas, and also a great technique for brainstorming.

Some providers have different versions, with differing functionality, for different user groups - individuals, business and education being the main groupings. Others use different pricing regimes to differentiate their offerings.

Mind Map® and Mind Maps® are registered trademarks of The Buzan Organisation

iMindMap® (iMind Map®) is a registered trademark of Buzan OnLine.

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