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Mindjet - Try it free

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Mindjet® is now only available as subscription - see pricing

Mindjet - Try it free


MindManager® for Windows® and Mac® have become part of an integrated subscription simply called Mindjet. Mindjet is now sold via subscription.

Versions available:

  • Mindjet: Turn brainstorming into action plans using an interactive environment that shows overviews and details in a clear format. Mindjet helps validate priorities, get buy-in on goals and strategies, and map out timelines. (Available for both Windows and Mac.)
  • Mindjet Web: True collaboration is more than just file sharing. It’s about processing information and ideas together into a plan. The Mindjet web app uses the power of collaboration to unite the vision with day-to-day work.
  • Mindjet for Individuals: Designed specifically to suit the needs of the single professional user. This annual subscription combines the power and flexibility of Mindjet's award-winning desktop and mobile applications, with the personal file storage of Mindjet web.

UK phone support 0845 355 5500

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