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MindMapper 12 is a well established Mind Mapping software package that allows you to think freely, without the restrictions of unnatural linear formatting and outlining structures commonly found in 'linear' software.

Using an integrated mapping format, MindMapper empowers you to capture ideas as they come to you, improving thought processes and providing a fast and easy method for multi-person collaboration. Additionally, MindMapper has a two-way file association system for transferring maps into Microsoft® Word documents, PowerPoint, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Project, Microsoft® Outlook, email and hand-held devices, so you can turn creative ideas into deliverables for production or analysis. Or you can stay within your MindMapper program and deliver a presentation of your mind map and even create a detailed schedule including time and resources used.

There are several different versions available - Pro, Standard and Kids.

For more examples of Mind Maps go to our extensive examples library 

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