how to read a mind map

How To Read A Mind Map®

  1. Start in the centre - that is the FOCUS of the Mind Map.
  2. Words/Images closest to the central image show the MAIN THEMES of the Mind Map. This is the start of the radiant hierarchical structure.
  3. Select one main theme and read out from the centre along the branch. This provides greater levels of associated detail. Proceed around the Mind Map, either in the order of your choice or as suggested by the author.
  4. Notice links between the branches.

Mind Map® is a registered trademark of the Buzan organisation. Illumine has worked closely with the Buzan organisation throughout its existence. We are an independent training company and are committed to promoting Buzan's work and ideals. We use many highly experienced Buzan licensed instructors as well as our own Illumine licensed Mind Mapping experts.

Mind Map® and Mind Maps® are registered trademarks of The Buzan Organisation

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