Mind Mapping Users' Stories

Training people in Mind Mapping is extremely satisfying since we are constantly hearing stories of how Mind Maps have totally transformed how people work and learn.

What do you use Mind Maps® for? Has drawing a Mind Map ever improved your presentation skills, made you considerably more organised or given you a ground breaking idea? Have you ever used a Mind Map for something unusual? Do you have any ideas for using Mind Maps that you would like to share with others? Do you use them for group projects or for study?

Whether it's to tell us you used the tool to develop a revolutionary invention or to organise your monthly budget - we want to hear your stories! And with your permission would like to include them in this section. Please  them to us.

Here are a selection of Mind Mapping User's Stories

In 1993/4 I used a mind map on an A2 sheet when setting up my training company. I define, design and create curricula, courses and training modules using mind maps; I take notes in meetings using mind maps; I structure reports using mind maps for my Business consultancy practice; I espouse the virtues of mind maps continuously.
Director, Business Consultancy Practice

I use Mind Mapping to brain dump after a phone call or other event when I wasn't able to take adequate notes. I also use it during presentations or meetings to take notes and find it useful for getting started on a brand new task, when otherwise I wouldn't know where to begin.
Director, Quality Assurance and Control

I have used Mind Mapping to look at the rules of golf in a different fashion. There are 34 rules over 120 subsections and 1100 decisions on those rules. The rules are all in typeface fashion and by transferring it to a Mind Map format you are able to visualise the rule a lot better. I have also used Mind Mapping for students to be able to give them a visual image of what their faults are and the cures. Mind Mapping enables me to build the picture and that directly leads to more enjoyment of the game of golf.
PGA Master Professional and Golf Consultant

I have just prepared a set of competencies for a management development course accredited through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).
Learning and Development Company

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