Running Workshops Using Mind Maps®

Mind Maps are an extremely powerful facilitation tool. The ideal situation is where the workshop participants are all conversant with Mind Maps. However, since the basic technique of Mind Mapping is easy to learn, in a workshop there are many ways in which the technique can be used effectively.

Typical uses of Mind Maps in workshops include:

  • Strategic analysis (e.g. SWOT, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Marketing
    - developing a marketing plan
    - product analysis
    - developing creative promotional ideas
    - pooling market/competitor analysis
  • Performance improvement
    - reducing costs
    - revenue enhancement
  • Process improvement
    - redesign
  • Visioning - at a departmental, subsidiary or whole company level
  • Problem solving

Mind Maps can be used in conjunction with other tools and techniques to manage and facilitate workshops. If you require experience in particular areas, Illumine Ltd are able to recommend Consultants who are also experienced Mind Mappers. One option is to combine learning how to Mind Map with addressing a particular issue or challenge.

Mind Map® is a registered trademark of the Buzan organisation. Illumine has worked closely with the Buzan organisation throughout its existence. We are an independent training company and are committed to promoting Buzan's work and ideals. We use many highly experienced Buzan licensed instructors as well as our own Illumine licensed Mind Mapping experts.

Mind Map® and Mind Maps® are registered trademarks of The Buzan Organisation

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